Our Spiritual Remedy: The Spirit as an All-Inclusive Dose

You’ve managed to pick up the nasty cold that’s going around. Sniffling, headachy, stuffed up, and feverish, you feel awful. Seeking relief, you drag yourself to the store to pick up one of those multi-symptom relief medications. After taking the first dose, you start to feel better.

Nobody likes to be sick physically. But have you ever felt spiritually “sick”? You want to express Christ to people, but you find you’re not able to. You try to be patient with someone, but eventually you blow up. You’re “ailing” from a shortage of patience, or of kindness, or humility.

You ask the Lord to give you more love, more kindness, or you ask Him to help you be patient. Have you ever wished you had a multi-symptom dose of something for the many problems in your Christian life?

Well the Bible has good news: you do!

Our spiritual remedy: the Spirit as an all-inclusive dose

Just as different elements are compounded into one medication to address multiple cold symptoms, we have an all-inclusive, spiritual remedy, a dose compounded with the wonderful ingredients of all Christ is to take care of all our spiritual needs. This all-inclusive dose is the Holy Spirit.

On page 18 in The Economy of God, Witness Lee describes it this way:

“Have we ever realized that the Holy Spirit is the best ‘dose’ in the whole world? Just one dose is enough to meet all our needs. All that the Father and the Son are and all that They have are in this wonderful Spirit. Consider how many elements are within this dose: God’s divine nature with Christ’s human nature, His human living with its earthly sufferings, the wonderful effectiveness of His death, His resurrection, His ascension, and His enthronement. Oh, we cannot imagine what kind of dose this is! Yet, praise the Lord, every day we may enjoy it.”

When we believed in the Lord Jesus, He not only saved us from eternal judgment and forgave us, but He also came to live in our spirit as the life-giving Spirit. And His Spirit now includes every virtue, every element we need for our Christian life. When we contact the Lord as this life-giving Spirit, He supplies us with all that He is.

Do you need patience? The Lord Jesus is patience. Do you need humility? The Lord Jesus is humility. He is strength, comfort, love, kindness, self-control, meekness, endurance, and so much more. Whatever we need in any situation, He is.

Rather than giving us love, kindness, or patience by themselves, the Lord Jesus gives us Himself as the Spirit to be our love, kindness, and patience. He Himself and all that He is supply us for every demand. Whatever we may be short of is available to us in the one dose of the all-inclusive Spirit.

We can never have a love, kindness, or patience that expresses Christ apart from Christ Himself. So striving to follow teachings, learning more doctrines, or modifying our behavior to be “good Christians” won’t work. We simply need to contact Christ as the Spirit in our spirit. When we do, we get Him and enjoy Him as the wonderful, all-inclusive dose that can be everything to us and for us.

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How to take the all-inclusive dose of the Spirit

Here are just a few ways we can contact the Spirit to take Him as the healthy “dose” for our daily Christian walk.

1. Reading the Bible

John 6:63 says, “It is the Spirit who gives life; the words which I have spoken to you are spirit and are life.” When we come to the Bible, we must use not only our mind to understand the black and white letters, but even more, we need to use our spirit to open ourselves to God’s speaking. This way, we contact the Spirit in the Word, receiving our “dose” from the Word.

2. Praying

First Corinthians 14:15 says, “I will pray with my spirit.” When we pray with our spirit, we contact the Lord who is the Spirit. Our praying with our spirit is like spiritual breathing. Just as when we breathe we take in the air, when we pray, we take in more of the life-giving Spirit as the divine air.

3. Singing

First Corinthians 14:15 also says, “I will sing with the spirit.” We can also contact the Spirit by singing hymns and spiritual songs with our spirit. As we sing with our spirit, we spontaneously enjoy the Spirit as the all-inclusive One.

4. Calling on the name of the Lord

First Corinthians 12:3 says, “Therefore I make known to you that no one speaking in the Spirit of God says, Jesus is accursed; and no one can say, Jesus is Lord! except in the Holy Spirit.” When we call, “Lord Jesus,” or say, “Jesus is Lord,” we are in the Holy Spirit and contact the Lord as the Spirit. By calling on the name of the Lord, any time and any place, we receive more of Him as the all-inclusive dose.

5. Praying as we read the Word

Ephesians 6:17-18 says, “And receive the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which Spirit is the word of God, by means of all prayer and petition, praying at every time in spirit.” We can practice what’s taught in this verse by turning what we read into a prayer to the Lord. By praying with the Word of God, we “eat” the Word as our nourishment. The Word is full of nourishing, spiritual food that fills our hunger and sustains us. This is an excellent way to receive more of the all-inclusive Spirit.

As the life-giving Spirit with our spirit, Christ is everything that’s required for us to live our Christian life. Our need isn’t to try harder to do better; our unique need is to contact and enjoy the Spirit daily by reading the Bible, praying, singing, calling on the name of the Lord, and pray-reading. By practicing these things, we take the Spirit as the all-inclusive dose.