How Do I Consecrate Myself to the Lord?

We discussed in previous posts the meaning of consecration and the reasons we should present ourselves to the Lord. We also discussed God’s purchase of us being the solid base of our consecration and God’s love being the motivating power for us to give ourselves to Him. Here we’ll discuss the practice of consecration. Just how do we consecrate ourselves to the Lord? Is it once in a lifetime? Or...

Consecration: God’s Purchase and God’s Love

In a previous post we discussed the meaning of consecration and four compelling reasons for us to give ourselves to God. We hope you read that post to understand the tremendous difference it makes in our Christian life when we give ourselves to the Lord. But knowing the reasons for handing ourselves over to the Lord may not be enough for us to take the action of consecrating ourselves. We have to...

What Is Consecration and Why Do I Need to Consecrate Myself to God?

The birth of a child is an exciting and happy event, and we all recognize it’s the beginning of a new life. We’d never say it’s an end or conclusion. It’s the same with us believers. Our being saved and born again with the life of God is truly wondrous and joyful. But it’s not a conclusion. Our regeneration is only the beginning of our spiritual journey. And just as babies need to grow and...

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