Top 5 Posts of 2017

We’ve had another wonderful year at Bibles for America: we gave away 70,000 Bibles and 105,000 Christian books; over 70,000 e-books were downloaded from our site; and the blog had 675,000 visits. Thank the Lord for the spread of His Word!

If you haven’t seen them yet, we hope you’ll enjoy reading the top five posts for 2017 and that they’ll encourage you in your Christian life as you to close out the year.

1. Logos and Rhema

Did you know the Bible uses two different Greek words to refer to the Word of God? In Two Important Greek Words in the Bible: Logos and Rhema, you’ll find out how we can experience the Word not only objectively as logos, but also subjectively as rhema, in a moment-by-moment way.

2. Singing to the Lord in Our Daily Life

We don’t have to wait for a particular day or time to praise and worship the Lord by singing. In Five Marvelous Benefits of Singing to the Lord in our Daily Life, we discuss some of the wonderful effects that singing to the Lord throughout our day can have upon our Christian life.

3. The Bible As Our Food

We should certainly read, understand, and even study the Word of God, but one of the most important things we can ever know about the Bible is that God intended for it to be food to us. Read the post called A Revolutionary Concept About the Bible to discover how God gave us His Word to nourish us and satisfy our inward hunger.

4. A Sweet Testimony

In the post How I Enjoy Singing to the Lord, a BfA staff member gives his testimony of how singing to the Lord in his daily life has positively affected his Christian experience. We hope you’ll be encouraged to sing to the Lord more often to contact Him and enjoy Him.

5. How to Find Inner Peace

We’re often beset by troubles, and it’s easy to think that if only a particular matter in our lives would just change, we’ll find peace. But are changes in our circumstances alone the way to inner peace? In The Key to True Inner Peace, we discuss how Christ alone is the source of true peace.



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