Renewing Your Bible Reading—A New Season, a New Beginning

The beginning of a new year is a good time to reflect on everything that happened the previous year. One valuable thing to consider is how we did with reading the Bible last year. Maybe we thought about it, but didn’t know where to start. Perhaps we began but got sidetracked along the way. Or maybe we made a daily Bible-reading schedule, but ended up falling behind and got discouraged.

The good news is regardless of whether or not you managed to keep up with your daily Bible reading last year, or if you’re deciding to read the Word for the first time in a regular way, you can always start afresh with the Lord. A new day, a new week, a new month, and especially a new year are opportunities to have a new beginning with Him. Why not take advantage of this fresh start to renew your reading and enjoyment of God’s Word?

Our feelings shouldn’t keep us from reading the Word

Maybe we feel that our spiritual condition isn’t very good, or that we’ve failed the Lord in some way. Or maybe we’ve sinned and feel unworthy to come to the Lord or open the Bible.

However, no matter the failures we’ve had or how bad we feel, we don’t have to be hindered from coming to the Lord or His Word. If we confess our sins and failures to Him, we will be forgiven and cleansed. The precious, effective blood of Jesus takes care of all these things before God! Because of the blood of Jesus, our fellowship with the Lord can be restored, and we can come to the Bible with confidence, knowing that God wants to meet us in His Word.

The importance of Bible reading

As Christians, we can never underestimate the importance and value of regular, consistent Bible reading. Our faith isn’t founded on our own ideas or concepts, but on the solid Word of God. We should know and be sure of what we believe in. And our subjective faith—that is, our ability to believe—is fostered and strengthened when we spend time in the living Word of God. The Bible is our spiritual food.

If we see the importance of reading the Bible, we won’t view it as an optional activity to do only when we feel like it, but we’ll realize it’s a necessity for our Christian life and make time for it every day.

Do you need help understanding the Bible?

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Practical tips

Building up a habit: Just as with anything we want to do consistently, building up a regular habit will help us maintain our daily Bible reading. We all have many habits in our lives—morning routines, work or class schedules, exercise regimens, and so on. Many of these depend on scheduling our time.  In the same way, we can also choose a particular time to spend a few minutes in God’s Word. Making time for Bible reading in our daily schedule—whether it’s in the morning, during lunchtime, or in the evening—will help us maintain it throughout the whole year.

Reading consecutively: One of the best ways to read the Bible is to read it consecutively, book after book, chapter after chapter. Jumping around to different portions of the Word can help us in our study of a particular topic, but to get an overall picture of what the Bible says, reading God’s Word in order from start to finish is greatly beneficial.

It’s never too late to begin afresh with your Bible reading, but it’s a good opportunity at the beginning of the year to give yourself to the Lord to make reading His Word a regular part of your life. If you’d like to get to know the Word—and the Lord Jesus—better this year, we encourage you to pick up your Bible (or order a free study New Testament here) and start reading.

The Bible tells us that Job treasured God’s word more than his apportioned food. The Scriptures contain such riches for us to enjoy! In the days and months ahead, may we all develop the wonderful habit of reading God’s Word, and even come to treasure it more than our apportioned food.