Our Regenerated Spirit Is the Key to Experiencing Christ

This is companion post (2) to Chapter 5, “The Key to Experiencing Christ—Our Human Spirit,” of Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vol. 1.

“He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit”—1 Cor. 6:17

When we believed in the Lord Jesus, we were regenerated, born in our spirit of the Spirit (John 3:6). From that day on, Christ as the life-giving Spirit (1 Cor. 15:45b) dwells in our spirit, and we are one spirit with Him (1 Cor. 6:17). This is like knowing the exact address where your friend lives; you can see him at any time.

We know where Christ is—He’s in our spirit. Moreover, by understanding that our spirit is the proper organ to contact the spiritual realm, we know how to contact Him—with our spirit.

The key to our experiencing Christ who dwells in us is our turning to our spirit by exercising (or using) our spirit, not our soul, to contact Him. We need to use this key to live by the divine life in our spirit instead of by the human life in our soul.

All our lives we’ve been used to exercising, or using, our body and our soul. But as believers, when it comes to experiencing Christ, we need to exercise our spirit to live by the Lord who is now in us.

This means in our daily life, before we do anything, say anything, or go anywhere, we must turn to our spirit. Then, in our speaking, living, and doing, we can experience all that Christ is to us.

It’s not a matter of what we’re doing, but of how we’re doing it. Are we doing something in our soul or in our spirit? We should ask ourselves, “Am I in my spirit or my soul? Am I doing this by myself or by the Lord who is now mingled with my spirit?”

Wasn’t the illustration in the chapter about purchasing an item helpful? We’ve probably all experienced the exercise of our soul with its considerations, desires, and decisions in different situations. But all the while, the spirit protests. This illustration is a good example of distinguishing between living by our soul or by our spirit.

Key quote from the reading

Page 44: “In conclusion, we must first realize that Christ is the Spirit in our spirit. Then we must know the difference between the spirit and the soul by denying the soulish self and going along with the Lord in our spirit. When we cooperate with our spirit in this way, Christ will have first place in everything. Then we will experience Christ in our spirit, and we will learn how to apply Him and experience Him in all things.”


What experience have you had, whether in shopping, talking to someone, or going somewhere, when you had a sense deep within (in your spirit) that you should not continue what you were doing? How will this sense, which is Christ in your spirit, help you in your daily Christian life?


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