Bibles for America Hits the Road to Give Away Bibles in California

Besides making it easy for people to order our free Christian books and Bibles through the Internet, we also like to get out and visit people in person. This past September, we took a one-week road trip to visit cities in the Bay Area and Central California. Along the way, we gave away 280 Bibles and Christian books in five cities: San Luis Obispo, Salinas, Berkeley, Merced, and Fresno.

Nancy and Stacey, two BfA staff members, got to meet many people from different backgrounds and age groups on the trip, talking with them about God, the Bible, and the Christian life. They describe some of their experience below.

Nancy in San Luis Obispo

“During the first leg of the trip, we were at the San Luis Obispo farmers market. It was marvelous to see the faces of people, both believers and unbelievers, who were hungry for the Word of God.

A college student came and browsed through the different items we were offering. I asked him if he was interested in receiving a free study Bible and he replied that he already had many versions of the Bible. We talked for a while and during our conversation I learned that his parents were missionaries, and he was about to start his first year in college away from home. He had been out exploring the neighborhood when he saw the sign for free Bibles and decided to come to the table.

I told him that, like him, I also had several versions of the Bible, but I really enjoyed reading the Recovery Version because it helps bring out the depth in the Word that we sometimes miss, especially in verses that might have become particularly familiar to us. I asked if he’d like to read a footnote on John 3:16, a verse he’d heard often growing up in a Christian home.

As we read the footnote on believing ‘into Him,’ he really appreciated that believing into the Lord means not just to mentally know God exists objectively but to actually receive God’s life into us subjectively. He responded, ‘Wow, I never knew that! That’s really good!‘

By end of the footnote, we were both refreshed by a familiar verse becoming even more rich and meaningful to us.”

Stacey in Merced

“During the tour, I saw that people really want to know about God. Many were searching and had questions, and I was so happy we could be there to help answer them!

At the University of Merced, a student walked up to our table who wanted to know about the Bible and what it means to be a Christian. She was interested in learning about different faiths.

I shared with her how the Christian life is about having a relationship with God, and the Bible helps us to know Him. I told her that this relationship begins by praying to receive the Lord Jesus. I opened a copy of Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vol. 1 to the first chapter, ‘The Mystery of Human Life.’

Using the diagram in the book, I showed her how we were created with three parts: a body to contact the things in the physical realm, a soul to apprehend things in the psychological realm, and a spirit to contact God. I went on to explain that God became a man. He died for our sins on the cross and was resurrected. Now, as the life-giving Spirit, He can save sinners and give His life to His believers.

She repeated back what I had said, and I could see that by doing so, her understanding became clearer. She told me she had heard the gospel when she was younger, but she now understood more about the meaning of being a Christian.

After receiving her free New Testament and Christian books, she thanked us for being on campus and mentioned how peaceful and welcoming our conversation had been. I encouraged her to look over what we had discussed in the book and especially to have a conversation with God about it when she got home. I’m praying that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in her to lead her to salvation.”

Two more testimonies

Watch the following video for two more staff members’ sharing from the trip.

We praise God for every study Bible and Christian book that went out on this trip and for all He is doing in the hearts of the people we met!


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