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Man’s Reformation Versus God’s Deliverance

“Man’s reformation is by way of exerting human strength, inflicting harsh treatment on our body, and subduing the passions, thus bringing forth the good in man. God’s deliverance is by way of putting His Spirit and His life into our spirit, thus quickening our spirit; then a renewing work begins from our spirit, renewing firstly the various parts of our spirit, then the different parts of our...

Eternal Life and Eternal Security

John 10:28—“And I give to them eternal life, and they shall by no means perish forever, and no one shall snatch them out of My hand.” Note 1 on eternal life and My hand says: “Eternal life (see note 151 in ch. 3) is for the believers’ living. The Father’s hand, by which He chooses in His love according to His purpose (17:23; 6:38-39), and the Son’s hand, by which He saves by His grace for the...

What Hebrews 12:2 Says About the Source of Faith

Have you ever felt you were lacking in faith, or found it hard to believe in the Lord at times? In previous posts, we discussed what faith is and where it comes from, and how we can be strengthened in our faith. Today, we’ll focus on Hebrews 12:2 and accompanying notes in the New Testament Recovery Version that show us Jesus is the source of faith, and how to apply this fact in our Christian life...

Consecrating Ourselves to Enjoy Christ

“You must consecrate yourself sincerely to the Lord for the simple purpose of enjoying and experiencing Him—nothing more. From the moment you awake in the morning you need to say, ‘Lord, here I am. I give myself to enjoy Thee. Grant me through the entire day, from this moment on, to experience and apply Thee in every situation. I am not asking for tomorrow. I am asking for grace to enjoy Thee...

Delivered from the Soul to the Spirit

“God does not intend to deliver us merely from faults to a state of faultlessness; He intends to deliver us even more from the soul to the spirit. He wants us not only to live a faultless life, but even more to live a spiritual life, a spiritually faultless life.” 

Come to the Lord and Find Rest for Your Soul

Many things can be a burden to us: financial difficulties, troublesome work environments, painful family situations, our health. Often, we may feel completely worn out—not just outwardly tired, but inwardly exhausted—from struggling to bear these burdens.

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