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How to Pray by Talking to God

Many people find it hard to know how to pray to God. They want to pray, or they feel because they’re believers, they should pray, but they don’t know how to go about it. They ask things like, “How do I pray to God correctly?” or, “What do I say when I pray?” or, “How can I pray if I don’t know any prayers?” So how are we supposed to pray? The Gospels have many accounts of how people conversed...

God’s Far-reaching Mercy

As believers, we’ve heard the words mercy and grace many times. And even more, we’ve been the recipients of God’s mercy and grace. But have we stopped to really think about the difference between the two? Have we considered just how merciful our God is to us and why? Mercy is what’s extended to someone in a helpless state, without a glimmer of hope. This was surely our case as sinners. God had...

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