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Knowing the Truth of God’s Forgiveness

Have you ever wondered whether God keeps a record of the sins you committed before you were saved? Have you ever been afraid those sins might still be a problem? To counter these fears, we need to know God granted us a deep and thorough forgiveness of all our sins when we were saved. But how can we know that? We can know not by our feelings or thoughts but by God’s sure Word. In another post we...

The Meaning of Regeneration

“Originally we were born of our parents; but now we are born once more, this time of God; hence, this experience is called being born again. Being born of our parents caused us to obtain human life, whereas being born of God causes us to have God’s life. Therefore, we who have been regenerated have God’s life in addition to the human life.”

Christ as Our Forbearance

“If we live Christ as our forbearance, it will not be possible for us to be anxious. Anxiety is an impossibility for those who have Christ as their forbearance. Do you know why we are anxious and why we worry? We are anxious and worried because we do not live Christ. The words live Christ may merely be a doctrinal term, a way of speaking, not our actual living in a practical way. But when we live...

How to Keep Our New Heart Pure, Loving, and Soft toward the Lord

Before we were saved our heart was hard and cold toward God. We wanted many things, even sinful things, but not God. We felt little affection for Him and had no interest in the things of God. But God wants to have an affectionate relationship with us. So when we were born again, God not only forgave us and cleansed us of our sins, He also did something in our heart. Ezekiel 36:26 says, “I will...

God’s Masterpiece

Ephesians 2:10—“For we are His masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand in order that we would walk in them.” Note 1 on masterpiece says: “The Greek word, poiema, means something that has been made, a handiwork, or something that has been written or composed as a poem. Not only a poetic writing may be considered a poem, but also any work of art that...

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