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Our Only Qualification

“Every time we come before God, our only qualification is that we have been redeemed, not that we have advanced in our Christian life.”

How to Maintain the Joy of Our Salvation

When the love of the Lord Jesus first touched us and we repented and confessed His name, a previously unknown joy filled our hearts. What a joy it was to be forgiven and born again! God wants us to continue to be joyful in His wonderful salvation for our whole life. And this isn’t only for a select few; it’s normal for all God’s children, as we see in 1 Peter 1:8: “You exult with joy that is...

The Meaning of Christ’s Redemption

Romans 3:24—“Being justified freely by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus.” Note 3 on redemption says: “To redeem is to purchase back at a cost. We originally belonged to God but became lost through sin. The requirements of God’s holiness, righteousness, and glory were so great upon us that it was impossible for us to fulfill them. However, God paid the price for us through...

A Life-Changing Discovery: My Spirit

It’s interesting how we can read the Bible, even repeatedly, and miss something important. For example, we probably remember that the Bible mentions the Holy Spirit many times, but what about the human spirit? It may surprise you to know that the human spirit is mentioned scores of times in both the Old and New Testaments. To see the place our human spirit occupies in God’s purpose and in our...

The Quenching of Our Spiritual Thirst

“Many times you are thirsty—not thirsty in your physical body, but thirsty in your spirit. When you come athirst to the Lord and contact Him, you have a certain sense within you. You feel refreshed, you feel watered.”

What Is the Church according to the Bible?

People, even Christians, have many concepts about what the church is. But what is the church exactly? Is the church a building Christians go to on Sundays to worship? Is the church an organization of people who believe in Jesus Christ? To discover what God’s thought is concerning the church, we must come to the Bible. While we can’t cover this enormous matter in a single blog post, we’ll begin to...

Adorned with God’s Salvation

Luke 15:22—“But the father said to his slaves, Bring out quickly the best robe and put it on him, and put a ring on his hand and sandals on his feet.” Note 7 on sandals says: “Signifying the power of God’s salvation to separate the believers from the dirty earth. Both the ring and the sandals were signs of a free man. The adornment, consisting of the robe on the body, the ring on the hand, and...

No Longer Enemies

Have you ever thought, “Why do I have so much unrest? How can I have peace?” The inner peace you yearn for seems unattainable, no matter what you do. We’ve all felt this disquiet, regardless of our background, education, or social status. The reason we have this feeling is rooted in a fundamental problem—we’re not at peace with God. In such a state, it’s impossible to have true peace. Why aren’t...

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