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Do You Taste God in the Word?

We need to eat food to sustain our physical life and to keep us healthy. But just because we have to eat doesn’t mean it’s a tedious chore. In fact, eating is an enjoyment to us, especially when the food is tasty. Similarly, the Bible tells us that God’s Word sustains us and keeps us spiritually healthy. But how do we feel about reading the Word of God? Is our time in God’s Word a dry, tedious...

Faith and Love

Galatians 5:6—“For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision avails anything nor uncircumcision, but faith avails, operating through love.” Note 3 on love: “Love is related to our appreciation of Christ. Without such an appreciation, faith cannot operate. The hearing of faith awakens our loving appreciation, and the more we love the Lord, the more faith operates to bring us into the riches, the...

Can You Lose Your Salvation?

Have you ever been troubled by questions like these: Can you lose your salvation? Can you be “unsaved” if you do something wrong or if you sin? It’s extremely important for us believers to be clear about several fundamental matters. One of these is having the assurance that we’re saved once we believe in Christ. Another fundamental matter we must be clear about is the security of our salvation...

One Wonderful Fact

“One wonderful fact regarding our salvation in Christ is that it is irreversible, that is, it cannot be undone. Once we are saved, we are saved forever because our salvation has as its basis the very nature and person of God Himself.”

Assurance of Salvation: How Do I Know I’m Saved?

Although we believed in the Lord Jesus and received Him as our Savior, at times we may have wondered, “How do I know I’m saved?” Sometimes we feel we’re definitely saved; at other times, we’re not so sure. When we’re tossed back and forth between certainty and uncertainty, it’s difficult for us to progress in our Christian life. But we don’t have to be unsure, since God provides three clear ways...

Faith in Jesus Christ

Galatians 2:16—“And knowing that a man is not justified out of works of law, but through faith in Jesus Christ, we also have believed into Christ Jesus that we might be justified out of faith in Christ and not out of the works of law, because out of the works of law no flesh will be justified.” Note 1 on faith in Jesus Christ: “Faith in Jesus Christ denotes an organic union with Him through...

7 Excellent Quotes from Witness Lee

In a previous post, we provided a brief biography of Witness Lee, the author of the outlines and extensive notes in the study Bible we give away, as well as hundreds of books that minister Christ as life for God’s purpose. Bibles for America gives away this study Bible—the New Testament Recovery Version—as well as a small sampling of books by Witness Lee. In this post, we’ve compiled some...

The Sweetness and Satisfaction of Christ

“If you enjoy Christ as the resurrected One and by the power of His resurrection you live the life of Jesus on this earth to suffer all kinds of pressure, persecutions, troubles and conflicts, you will realize the sweetness and satisfaction of Christ within you, and you will manifest the beauty and the abundance of life to others.”

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