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Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

The crucifixion of Jesus is generally acknowledged as a defining event in human history. But why did Jesus have to die? His earthly life was perfect and his conduct irreproachable. He spoke words of wisdom and grace. He ministered to and cared for all kinds of people. Wasn’t it enough that His life is a good pattern for us? Why did Jesus have to die on the cross?

Will God Ever Stop Loving Me?

We know in human relationships, people’s feelings for one another can fade over time. Sometimes the love between them even disappears altogether. People’s love can change. What about God’s? Sometimes we enjoy God’s love intensely and feel confident in His love. Other times, we’re not so conscious of His love. And at other times, we may wonder whether He even still loves us, especially after we’ve...

Assurance of Salvation: Am I Really Saved? [with video]

If you have believed into the Lord Jesus and received Him as your Savior, then you are a saved person. But Christians don’t just need to be saved; we also need to have the assurance of our salvation. When it comes to being sure whether we’re saved or not, our feelings are constantly changing and undependable. One day we may feel very close to God, and another we may wonder, “Am I really saved?”...

Our Need to Be Renewed Day by Day

People commonly view the New Year as a new fresh start, a time for turning over a new leaf. So we make all kinds of New Year’s resolutions and try to leave the baggage of the last year behind us. Why do we feel this drive for newness? Human beings inwardly long for a new beginning. Sensing we’re “old” and worn out, we try different things to make ourselves feel new. We look for a new hobby...

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