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How Can God Use Me?

As believers, we love the Lord Jesus Christ, and we want to do something for our Savior who gave Himself for us. It’s normal for us to want to serve Him. So we ask God questions like, “What do You want me to do for You?” “Lord, what should I do to serve You?” and “How can You use me?” How God created us The trouble with these kinds of questions is they suggest God created us primarily for the...

Do I Need to Get Baptized?

This is an important question for every believer to ask. Whether we’ve recently been saved or we’ve been saved many years, the answer to this question has profound importance for our Christian life. This post will provide some practical help about baptism from God’s Word. Our need to be baptized In Mark 16:16 the Lord Jesus said, “He who believes and is baptized shall be saved, but he who does...

Do You Know the Two Spirits—God’s Spirit Mingled with Your Human Spirit?

When we believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, some marvelous things happened to us. We were justified by God, forgiven of our sins, and saved from perdition. How we praise God for these wonderful gifts! But as wonderful as each of these is, something more happened when we received Christ: a union and mingling of God’s divine Spirit with our human spirit. This is a profound fact that we can enjoy...

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