Memorial Day and the Price of Freedom

A graceful sweep of white pillars gives shape to the World War II memorial in Washington, DC. At its center stands Freedom Wall, holding a field of 4,048 sculpted gold stars. Each star represents 100 Americans who died in the war; together they commemorate the more than 400,000 Americans who lost their lives. In front of the wall, engraved in granite, are the words, “HERE WE MARK THE PRICE OF FREEDOM.”

These symbolic stars are reminiscent of the gold stars displayed by families of fallen service men and women during the Second World War. The gold stars on Freedom Wall vividly bear witness to the fact that the ultimate price for freedom is paid both by those who serve and by their families.

In our nation’s capital, and in bustling city centers and quiet green parks across our country, stand monuments dedicated to great military leaders, service members who performed acts of valor, and singular moments of victory. Occupying their places of honor, these monuments proudly display the gratitude of a nation, and movingly bring to mind our solemn obligation to never forget those who gave their lives so we could live ours in peace and security.

On this Memorial Day, as we honor all U.S. service men and women who gave their last full measure of devotion, we also remember the countless personal monuments hidden from public view—the empty seat at a family dinner, the folded flag above a mantle, the memories that well up in a mother’s heart during quiet moments of reflection.

Behind the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice stand the living, resilient legacies of their loved ones’ service—the mothers and fathers, the husbands and wives, the siblings and children. In them we find our bedrock of patriotism, the continuing thread of our nation’s character, and an unbroken line of love and sacrifice for this country.

These family members understand the true price of freedom, as did their fallen loved ones, for they are the ones who have paid it. They carry on with solemn pride and resolve, despite unthinkable loss. America endures because of the sacrifice our troops have made to maintain our freedom, and because of the unending sacrifice their families continue to make.

Today, we at Bibles for America salute you, and we pray for you.

We know that our organization can exist because some have paid the price for freedom. This Memorial Day, we’d like to specially invite military service members and their families to order a free New Testament study Bible at

From all of us here at BfA, thank you for your service.

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13 thoughts on “Memorial Day and the Price of Freedom

  1. All I can say is God is always in charge and if we should take the mind of Paul follow me as I follow Christ if we put in head or in charge of our lives will be ok because we can not see the big picture and he has us coverd

  2. I wish to thank you for the remembrance of our fallen soldiers on this day and their families that were left behind to carry own without them. Your tribute to them beautiful.

  3. This post was very touching. I often take for granted the religious freedom we have in this country when in fact many have paid a great price to give us the freedoms we have.

  4. Great occurs to me there is NO freedom w/o blood the Lord’s or our own. Unfortunately our enemy likes bondage more than freedom and so we plead the blood and ask the Lord to bind and rebuke him(..As Jefferson said “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance” for only the diligent will rule whether for good or evil and their is no respecting of persons..So for those who remain we must press on to victory(the Spirit) who is the Person the Lord Jesus amen!

  5. Wonderful! Thank You for the explanation of the stars displayed. God is ever at work. All things are working together for His purposes. I was reminded this morning that the United States was the first nation on earth to truly enact freedom to worship God as each is led. His truths concerning the value of human kind and the real freedom from sin granted through Jesus Christ Our Lord was/is the greatest gift and truth mankind will ever have the privilege to recieve. The fact that men and women have shed their blood to protect the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for every person is something this nation and those who gave their lives to protect it should be greatly appreciated for and it’s all in our Father God’s hands of sovereignty. True believers from all over the world have escaped persecution and death by moving here. They are the voices I like to hear from when it comes to defending the benevolence our country has extended to refugees who know the real value of what God has established in this great land between two great oceans.

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