The Lord Becoming Our Enjoyment Through Calling on His Name

“The more we call on the Lord, the more He becomes our enjoyment. Through calling on Him He also becomes our peace, rest, comfort, and solution to all kinds of situations. This is not a mere doctrine or superficial teaching; this is a truth for our experience.”

Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, Spiritual Nourishment, mass-distribution ed. (Living Stream Ministry), p. 31.

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11 thoughts on “The Lord Becoming Our Enjoyment Through Calling on His Name

  1. Without a relationship with our Lord of lords and King of kings, His presence may seem absent, however Born again and filled with His Spirit and moving in the miracle working power of the Holy Spirit, no one could ever fill that Joy, Peace, Understanding, Comfort, Love that never fades away, regardless of your circumstances. Amen

  2. I praise the Lord for your ministry!
    and would love very much to become
    a Prayer Partner with all of you, in this

  3. Its true without call on the name of the Lord nothing we can get from Him. Also from Jeremiah 33:3 He says call to me and….

  4. I love just praising glorifying His name He hears my cry and pity my every groan as long as I live trouble ride I hasten to His throne

  5. I never thought i could feel so Great wake-up and know our Father can bring so much happiness into my life and children, each morning and nite i pray for everything to trun out right, there has been some days that just not ok, but when i say a lil prayer to God my worries our gone, i feel closer to God in every way.

  6. This was the best practice that I ever learned. Still to this day soooo happy that I call on Jesus and everything becomes better in any situation.

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