Finding the Power Supply for Our Christian Life


Many of us have experienced glancing at our cell phone to see that the battery is in the red zone. It has so little power left, it may run out while we’re on an important call or cause us to miss an important email.

All too often our Christian life can look like this. The unending demands of day-to-day life, family, work, and financial woes wear us out. Furthermore, our sins and failures deflate us, and we feel powerless to follow the Lord. We barely have enough “juice” to deal with everything. It seems like we’re perpetually in a state of “low battery” and on the verge of completely running out.

Feeling drained and weakened indicates we’re in need of power in our spiritual life. But what is the power we need? And how do we get it?

Paul’s experience and Philippians 4:13

Let’s look first at the experience of the apostle Paul. In Philippians, we see he was a person who lived Christ in all kinds of circumstances, good and bad. How was this possible? Paul says in Philippians 4:13,

“I am able to do all things in Him who empowers me.”

Note 2 in the Recovery Version helps us understand what “empowers me” means:

“The Greek word means makes dynamic inwardly. Christ dwells in us (Col. 1:27). He empowers us, makes us dynamic from within, not from without. By such inward empowering Paul was able to do all things in Christ.”

Paul’s word in verse 13 was more than a nice idea or theoretical possibility. It was his personal testimony, his actual experience. We can realize this when we consider the background of the book of Philippians. Paul wrote this epistle to the Philippians while he was imprisoned in Rome. Yet throughout the book he repeatedly said that he rejoiced. How could he do that? No amount of positive thinking could enable him to rejoice in such a negative situation. Paul was able to rejoice because of the Lord’s empowering. Rather than being oppressed, he was full of rejoicing, even in the most trying of conditions. His rejoicing was a manifestation that he was empowered by Christ within.

To rejoice takes power

Our experience tells us it doesn’t take much strength to grumble or to bemoan our situation. It comes easily to us, and before we know it, we’re brought down even lower. It takes power to rejoice. So without experiencing Christ as our power, we live our life in survival mode, barely making it and unable to rejoice.

Then how can we be empowered, like Paul was, to live a buoyant, vitalized, even joyful daily life?

Paul’s prayer for us

In Ephesians 1:19-22, Paul prayed that we would know, “what is the surpassing greatness of His power toward us who believe.” If we’re ignorant that such a power exists, we can’t consciously and deliberately experience it.

According to Ephesians 1, the power Paul prayed for us to know is the same power that operated in Christ to raise Him from the dead, to seat Him in the heavenlies, to subject all things under His feet, and to make Him Head over all things. No wonder Paul called this a surpassingly great power! And according to verses 19 and 22, this awesome power is “toward us who believe” and “to the church.”

Note 3 on Ephesians 1:22 is a wonderful word telling us what this means for us:

To the church implies a kind of transmission. Whatever Christ, the Head, has attained and obtained is transmitted to the church, His Body. In this transmission the church shares with Christ in all His attainments: the resurrection from the dead, His being seated in His transcendency, the subjection of all things under His feet, and the headship over all things.

Toward us who believe (v. 19) and to the church indicate that the divine power, which includes all that the Triune God has passed through, has been installed into us once for all and is being transmitted into us continually, causing us to enjoy Christ richly and to have the proper church life as His Body, His fullness, the issue of God’s blessing mentioned previously.”

This surpassingly great power that overcame every negative thing—including death itself—has been installed in us and is being continually transmitted into us! To know this is a tremendous thing. But if we simply know about the power and stop there, it may not benefit us that much practically. For us to actually experience the power installed in us, one more thing is required: we need to tap into it.

The need to plug in

A cell phone isn’t designed to run on its own. Its battery has to be charged regularly, even daily. And though power may be available, simply being near an electrical outlet won’t charge it. It has to be plugged into the outlet to get charged.

Similarly, we weren’t designed to run on our own energy. Christ wants to be the source of power for us to do all things. And in our case, the divine power isn’t just near us; it’s in us, always available to us. But we need be “plugged in” to the power source to experience the transmission of the power.

How to plug in

We “plug in” by contacting the Lord in our spirit. And we need to do this regularly. This is why it’s so necessary for us to fellowship with Him and to spend time with Him in prayer and in the Word every day. A day without this is a day without power.

In particular, we need to devote time, especially in the morning, to be with the Lord Jesus to “plug in.” During such times when we put all else aside just to contact Him in our spirit, Christ imparts more of his divine life into us and revives us. Through opening to Him in prayer, reading His Word, and even praying with His Word, the power that enables us to do all things is transmitted into us.

Then, as we go about our day, we can call upon the name of the Lord Jesus to receive more of His empowering. When we turn to our spirit by calling on His dear name, we tap instantly into the transmission of this undefeatable divine power.

Instead of struggling on our own, limited power, we simply need to spend time being “plugged in” for longer charges every day. In addition, during our day we can enjoy quick “charges” by calling upon the name of the Lord Jesus. If we tap into the power installed in us regularly—every day and throughout the day—we’ll experience Christ as our power.

When we enjoy the transmission of power, we’re made dynamic inwardly. Nothing of this world will deflate or oppress us. Instead of barely making it, we’ll be vitalized to live a rejoicing life, whatever the circumstances, able to do all things in Him who empowers us. Praise the Lord!

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14 thoughts on “Finding the Power Supply for Our Christian Life

  1. Wow what a good reminder! It’s so easy to go through each day using our own human strength and effort, but I also find myself getting easily drained out. It’s eyeopening to see that whatever Christ has obtained and attained has been given to us and we just need to tap into this source by contacting him throughout the day. Thanks for the reminder to stay “plugged in” today!

  2. Yes I can do all things through christ who strengthens me I’m going through trying time but I have faith that I can do all things through christ who strengthend me thank you father thank you Jesus.

  3. “If our recovery is in the principle of resurrection, it will be instantaneous, not gradual.” This is because “the divine power, which includes all that the Triune God has passed through, has been installed into us and is being transmitted into us.” When we contact the Lord, call on His name, spend time to behold Him and to enjoy Him, we experience the “charges”, the instant power within us that empowers us. How wonderful and how true it is!!

  4. Nice modernization of Lee’s example, comparing us to cell phones that need to charge up regularly! “Just being close to a plug isn’t good enough; plug in,” Amen!

    I really like this phrase I heard recently, which compares us to an engine (as CS Lewis once did) “Are you feeling worn out, run down? Then you’re running on the wrong fuel.”

    “Oh Lord, fill me up!”

  5. Amen! I am really enlightened and reminded to see that we need to tap into this exhaustless source of power that can only be in the Lord Jesus Christ, even when we are facing and dealing with many trivial things in our life. May this become my experience in the coming days!

  6. I enjoy the comparison of us as a battery, that needs a regular infusion of “juice.” That is how bodies works, we eat meals and that carries us through the day. I notice with children that when they are hungry (their “juice” is low), they get cranky and go into meltdown. I’m like that spiritually too.

  7. I really needed this today, as I feel drained, I do get up every morning praising God, In the morning I spend time with my Lord. I am so thank full for this being in today’s testimony and lesson in regaining the strength I need and plugging into God. I feel the change in myself, and others don’t understand. They think that something is wrong with me. I am also thank full that I had a chance to order my free edition of the New Testament to study the book of Revelations and gain more in my studies and what is happening daily. I want to add that America is in dire need of Prayer and with everything happening in the world has already been written by our Lord and savior Jesus Christ in Our Bibles a daily walk with God, to have “Faith” and be watchful … God Bless all! Amen

  8. I love this. Recently,I’ve been feeling defeated and I just couldn’t shake it. I’m ashamed to say but I know better. I wouldn’t forget to charge my phone because it wouldn’t work but have allowed myself to go days without connecting to Christ in a real genuine way.Thanks for the reminder!

  9. My storage was empty. I kept sinking but then I read this blog that tapped into my spirit. Thanks for the jumper cables.

  10. I agree with this blog post that the Most High God is the source of all life, all good, all good intentions, all ability to persevere, all righteous joys, all light. James 1:17 “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights.” Psalm 27:1 “Jehovah is my light.”

    With regard to the analogy of the cell phone running low on battery power, I would like to add that one reason that a cell phone can run out of power so often is that it has too many apps running at the same time, all the time. Isn’t that relevant?

    I know that I at times have packed my life so full of activities, and set goals for myself that are so big and so high in the worldly sense, that I am simply pushing myself beyond what is really reasonable and doable. Believe it or not, there is no command from the Most High God that his sons and daughters must run through life at full speed and full capacity all the time.

    I think it is not really right to over-schedule ourselves, or set work-life goals or family goals or personal goals that are just too high or too big for our abilities or situations in life. I think it is unwise to quote in such a situation Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” In a similar vein I have seen that Scripture painted on the walls of training rooms of professional athletes, meant to inspire them to believe that they can become the best and defeat their rivals in competitive sports games designed to entertain the public and thereby earn riches for the team owners, players and coaches. But is that really what Philippians 4:13 is about? Paul was enduring an unjust prison confinement when he wrote the letter to the Philippians. Paul was not on a quest for personal greatness in the modern worldly sense. Paul was not striving to “have it all”–great marriage, great kids, great career, great church participation, great bank account, great social reputation and standing in the world.

    The Scriptures also say in Hebrews 13:5 “Be content with what you have.”

  11. It’s a valid point of how our culture wants superpowers or some extra power to get ahead and compete or pursue personal goals—another power to access is very inviting.
    I am so encouraged by this fellowship and remember being at this study where Witness Lee expounded on this. The Lord is the transmission to the divine power-plant, where we can connect and live by God’s unlimited power supply that overcomes time and space and all we need is to flip the light switch and enjoy His light on all our circumstances and challenges. But the “switch” is our connecting through a relationship with the Lord, surrendering, opening, emptying our self of our agendas, confessing our need and then with thanksgiving, praising, delighting and enjoying Him in His word, calling to Him, speaking to him, listening to Him and joining Him for His eternal purpose. Hallelujah for such amazing and phenomenal fellowship! Thank you all for sharing!

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