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ArchiveApril 2018

The Comfort of the Indwelling Spirit of Jesus

“Real comfort comes from the indwelling Spirit of Jesus. When we fellowship with Jesus in this Spirit and when we live in this wonderful Spirit, we automatically have inward comfort. Regardless of the outward environment, there is inward rest and comfort.”

The Reality of God and Christ

“All that God is and all that He in Christ has prepared for us, and all that Christ is and all that He by His death and resurrection has accomplished for us, are revealed and imparted to us as reality by this Spirit of God who dwells in us.”

Life and Peace

Romans 8:6—“For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the spirit is life and peace.” Note 2 on death and life says: “Life and peace result from setting our mind on the spirit. When our mind is set on the spirit, our outward actions are in agreement with our inner man and there is no discrepancy between us and God. He and we are at peace, not at enmity (v. 7). The result is that...

God’s Far-reaching Mercy

As believers, we’ve heard the words mercy and grace many times. And even more, we’ve been the recipients of God’s mercy and grace. But have we stopped to really think about the difference between the two? Have we considered just how merciful our God is to us and why? Mercy is what’s extended to someone in a helpless state, without a glimmer of hope. This was surely our case as sinners. God had...

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