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ArchiveSeptember 2014

Knowing Jesus versus Knowing about Him

Knowing about something objectively and knowing it subjectively are two very different things. This applies to our knowing Jesus. Knowing about Jesus objectively means we possess some knowledge about Him. But knowing Jesus subjectively means we have firsthand experience of Him. We have personal knowledge of Him. This is the kind of knowing Christ wants us to have. In this post, we’ll use two...

What Does It Mean to Be in the World but Not of the World?

In the Bible, the Greek word kosmos, translated world in English, has different meanings depending on its context. The meaning of kosmos we’ll discuss today is “system” or “organization,” specifically, the organized system set up by Satan to keep people from living for God. God gave us a strong and unequivocal command concerning the world in 1 John 2:15: “Do not love the world.” As Christians, we...

What Does It Mean to Love God with All Your Heart?

Recently, a blog reader asked us, “What does it mean to love God with all your heart?” Since this is an excellent and important question, one that many of us may have asked ourselves, we’ll respond here with a full post. Mark 12:30 says, “And you shall love the Lord your God from your whole heart and from your whole soul and from your whole mind and from your whole strength.” Briefly speaking...

Was Mankind Created to Be Redeemed?

In the garden of Eden, God lost the part of His creation that He considered very good—mankind. Yet, though man fell under the wiles of Satan, God took a tremendous and necessary step to regain what was rightfully His, created for His own purpose from the beginning. This step is the step of redemption. What is redemption? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, to redeem is “to get or win...

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