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Why We Witness for Christ and 6 Practical Points on How to Do It

We may be familiar with the phrase “witnessing for Christ,” but do we know why we should witness for the Lord and how we should do it? Witnessing for Christ means simply telling others what we have personally seen and experienced of the Lord Jesus. When we received Him as our Savior, our first reaction might have been to tell our best friend all about our salvation, that is, to witness to them of...

3 Wonderful Things That Happened in Christ Jesus’ Resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is foundational to the Christian faith. All other Christian truths rest upon it. Without it, the Christian faith would merely be a moral code of conduct, just one of the many philosophies and religions of the world. But the resurrection is real; the Lord Jesus did rise from the dead. And to be a Christian, a person must believe in His resurrection. When we believe...

How Do I Consecrate Myself to the Lord?

We discussed in previous posts the meaning of consecration and the reasons we should present ourselves to the Lord. We also discussed God’s purchase of us being the solid base of our consecration and God’s love being the motivating power for us to give ourselves to Him. Here we’ll discuss the practice of consecration. Just how do we consecrate ourselves to the Lord? Is it once in a lifetime? Or...

6 Ways to Drink Christ as the Living Water

Throughout the Bible, numerous verses show us God’s desire for us to take Him in, to drink of Him as the living water. For example, in John 7:37-38 we see that God’s desire for us to drink of Him is so great, Jesus actually stood up and cried out during a feast, issuing a call for people to come to Him and drink: “Now on the last day, the great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying...

3 Aspects of Christ’s Death That You Can Apply Right Now

When we received Christ, what He accomplished on the cross became ours by faith in Him. But did you know Christ’s death is not something only in the past? We can actually apply Christ’s death right now in our daily living. In this post we’ll consider three aspects of Christ in His death for us as revealed in the Gospel of John—the aspects of the Lamb of God, the bronze serpent, and the grain of...

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