Upcoming BfA Tour of Mid-Atlantic States

We’re coming to the East Coast!

Beginning on Friday, November 1, BfA will begin a three-week tour of the Mid-Atlantic states to give away the free study Bible and Christian books from our collection. We’ll start in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and head south through Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, and North and South Carolina, visiting cities all along the way!

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During this trip, we’d also love to meet some of you who’ve already received BfA material. Stop by and say hi!

If you’d like more information about the upcoming tour, you can email us at info@bfa.org.



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Bibles for America (BfA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to give away free copies of the New Testament Recovery Version and Christian books throughout the United States. You can order a free study Bible here and download free Christian books here.

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