Top 10 Bibles for America Podcast Episodes

In 2016 we launched the Bibles for America Podcast, recognizing that people consume content in different ways. Some prefer reading articles and others prefer hearing audio, and some enjoy doing both. We’ve taken posts from our blog, and produced them as podcast episodes.

The wonderful thing about the BfA Podcast is how easy it is to use. You can play episodes in your car, while exercising, or with a group of friends at home. You can listen right now on the the podcast page of our website or you can subscribe on iTunes, which will allows you to sync across all of your devices and listen on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Additionally, podcast episodes are available on the Bibles for America Youtube channel, as well as SoundCloud and other free podcast apps. Episodes are downloadable so you can listen to them anytime, even without Internet access.

All in all, we’ve produced over 160 episodes. We’ve recapped the 10 most popular episodes to date here and hope you enjoy listening to them. Click on the “play” button to listen to the episodes below.

1 How to Eat the Word of God (3.28.17)

In this episode, learn about the necessary and enjoyable practice of eating the Word of God. When we take time to go beyond merely mentally touching the black and white letters of the Word to instead exercising our spirit, our deepest part, to touch the life in the Word, we’re inwardly satisfied.

2 How to Care for Our Heart to Maintain Our Relationship with the Lord (6.13.17)

Our relationship with the Lord is a matter of our heart. Hear practical ways to care for your relationship with the Lord and have a deeper love for Him by keeping your heart in a good condition.

3 What Is Consecration and Why Do I Need to Consecrate Myself to God? (10.20.16)

We cannot know the life of Christ in us or reach spiritual maturity without consecrating ourselves to the Lord. To walk in the Lord’s way, to grow in life, and to enjoy the riches of God’s salvation all require us to consecrate ourselves to Him. The blog post this episode is from regularly elicits positive comments from readers who searched online for the meaning of consecration.

4 Three Greek Words for Life in the New Testament and How They Apply to Us (9.1.16)

What does the New Testament mean when it says “life”? The original Greek language uses three different words for “life”: bios, psuche, and zoe. Listen to this podcast episode to understand the differences between the three, and to gain a deeper appreciation for the central theme in the Bible: life.

5 Will God Keep Forgiving Me? (3.21.17)

As Christians, we need to be clear about our sins and God’s forgiveness. God’s hope and expectation is that we would confess our sins to Him so we can be brought back to His presence and enjoy Him.

6 What Is the Human Spirit According to the Bible? (8.30.16)

Have you ever wondered, “How can I get to know the Lord Jesus more?” The answer is our human spirit. Our spirit is the deepest part of our being, created particularly by God as an inward organ for us to contact and receive Him as our life and everything.

7 What is the Difference Between the Soul and the Spirit? (8.16.16)

Many consider the soul and spirit as being the same thing. But regardless of what science, philosophy, or literature say, the Bible tells us that the soul and spirit are two distinct parts of a human being. Listen to this episode to discover the different functions of our soul and our spirit.

8 What Philippians 4:6 Teaches Us About How to Deal with Anxiety (3.30.17)

This verse tells us, “In nothing be anxious.” It’s impossible to carry out this command in ourselves. Hear how we can have the peace of God as the antidote for all our anxiety.

9 Private Prayer in an Age of Distraction (12.8.16)

When was the last time we had private prayer with the Lord? Our electronic devices can have a corrosive effect on our spiritual lives when our time is eaten up and our minds are preoccupied. We need to enter into our “private room” to have a daily time with God, just as the Lord Jesus did when He was on the earth.

10 What Does God Want from Us in Our Christian Life? (7.18.17)

In this episode discover how what we think God wants from us may not be what He really desires. We may expend a lot of effort on doing good works and striving to emulate Jesus, and yet we end up expressing not Christ, but ourselves. Hear how Christ wants to make Himself at home in our hearts so He can be expressed out of us.


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