Is Jesus in Your Boat?

Below is our gospel tract about the story of Jesus walking on the sea and how it applies to us today. Click here to view it on our website and share it with anyone who would like to know Jesus in a personal way. 

In the darkness of night, Jesus’ disciples were rowing their boat in the middle of a churning sea, struggling against the blowing of a strong wind. Suddenly, amid the darkness, wind, and waves, they saw Jesus walking on the sea. They were frightened as He approached their boat. Then they heard Him speak to them: “It is I. Do not be afraid.” Upon hearing these words, the disciples took Him into the boat. With Jesus in their boat, they immediately had peace, and the boat was at the land they had been rowing toward. This account in the Bible vividly depicts our situation today, with the all-too-familiar struggles of life. Most of us would admit at times we feel as if we’re surrounded by problems. Difficulties with work, school, relationships, money, and health seem endless. Our troubles are like the churning of the sea, tossing us about and robbing us of peace. On the outside, we may put on a brave face. But on the inside, we’re aching, worn out, and discouraged as we struggle against the problems that threaten to overwhelm us. But the good news to the disciples that night is good news to us today. In our situation of darkness and despair, Jesus speaks these words: “It is I. Do not be afraid.” Without the Lord Jesus in our lives, we have only the struggle and no peace or rest. But how can we have Jesus, the One who gives real peace? For this to be possible, the Lord Jesus, who is the eternal God, approached humanity by becoming a man. He came as the Savior into this troubled world and lived among mankind. Jesus was full of loving compassion and sympathy toward every kind of person. He fully understood the fallen human condition. To save us, He—the sinless One—was crucified for us, the sinners. He bore the full penalty for all of our sins and shed His own blood so we could be forgiven and saved from eternal judgment. But this isn’t all. Jesus rose from the dead! In resurrection, He became the life-giving Spirit who saves and gives eternal life to all who believe in Him, filling them with a deep peace. The Lord Jesus has done everything for you already. Now He’s waiting for you to take Him into your “boat,” that is, into your life. He wants to calm your fears and be with you on the journey of your life. He will give you a peace such as you’ve never known before, even amid the storm of life’s problems. Will you let Him in? Just turn to Him and open your heart to receive Him by praying this prayer:
“Lord Jesus, I need You! Thank You for coming as my Savior into this troubled world. Thank You for dying for me. Forgive me of all my sins. Lord Jesus, I believe in You. I open to You to receive You. Come into me and fill me with peace. Be with me on my life’s journey. Thank You, Lord Jesus. Amen.”