Can You Lose Your Salvation? [with video]

Can a Christian lose their salvation? Having the security of salvation is critical to our growth as Christians, yet many of us are plagued with the fear that we will somehow lose our salvation. Maybe we think God will someday change His mind about us and cause us to be “un-saved.” Or maybe we fear that if we disobey the Lord, our failure will cause us to lose our salvation. Whether from God’s side or our side, we just don’t know how secure our salvation really is.

But one of the first things we should be clear about after we believe in Jesus Christ is that our salvation is eternally secure. We have an eternal salvation. We cannot lose it, and it can never be taken away. How can we know this? Seven proofs in the Scriptures confirm this fact.

The video below briefly covers these proofs from the Scriptures and shows how definite the Bible is: once you are saved, you are always saved, and you cannot lose your salvation.

We encourage you to get into the verses in this video.