Basic Elements of the Christian Life

The Christian life is a journey. We begin this journey at salvation, our new birth in Christ, and we continue on through many different stages and experiences. On the one hand, every believer has a unique and precious journey with the Lord. On the other, the Christian life consists of many foundational matters that help all of us to progress in this journey.

The book, Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vol. 1, outlines some of these key matters of the Christian life. The five chapters in this book are meant to give every believer, whether newly saved or advanced in the Lord, a refreshing look at and even a broadened appreciation for some of the most basic elements of the life that we are living.

We hope you enjoy this book and receive, as many have, the invaluable help it provides. As a companion to your reading of the book, we have two short blog posts to accompany each of the five chapters and help you get more out of your reading. The first post for each chapter introduces its subject and poses questions for you to consider before and as you read. The second post emphasizes key takeaway points from the chapter and asks questions for your response.

If you don’t have a printed copy of the book, you can read the book and download it for free here.

Basic Elements blog posts


Post 1: The Keys to Unlock the Mystery of Human Life

Post 2: How to Be Saved by Receiving the Lord Jesus


Post 1: Can We Be Sure We’re Really Saved?

Post 2: Once We’re Saved, We’re Saved Forever


Post 1: The Precious Blood of Christ—A Basic Element for Sustaining Our Christian Life

Post 2: The Solution to Our Three Problems


Post 1: A Practical Way to Enjoy the Riches of God’s Life

Post 2: The Benefits of Calling on the Name of the Lord


Post 1: How Can a Person Contact God?

Post 2: Our Regenerated Spirit Is the Key to Experiencing Christ

These short posts help you to identify key points from the reading and to consider how these points will affect your Christian life and living.

Download a PDF of the book here.


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