Assurance of Salvation: Am I Really Saved? [with video]

If you have believed into the Lord Jesus and received Him as your Savior, then you are a saved person. But Christians don’t just need to be saved; we also need to have the assurance of our salvation.

When it comes to being sure whether we’re saved or not, our feelings are constantly changing and undependable. One day we may feel very close to God, and another we may wonder, “Am I really saved?” or “How do I know I’m saved?” Many Christians grapple with these questions. And if we don’t have definite answers to them, it will become nearly impossible for us to make progress in our Christian life.

But here’s good news. God wants us to know without a doubt that we are saved. He tells us so in His unchanging Word so we can be assured of our salvation. Because this is a basic yet crucial matter in our Christian life, besides devoting a blog post to the subject, we also created a short video. Watch the video below to see clearly in the Scriptures how you can and should know you’re saved.