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Jehovah our Salvation

Matthew 1:21—“And she will bear a son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for it is He who will save His people from their sins.” Note 1 on Jesus: “Jesus is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew name Joshua (Num. 13:16), which means Jehovah the Savior, or the salvation of Jehovah. Hence, Jesus is not only a man but Jehovah, and not only Jehovah but Jehovah becoming our salvation. Thus, He is our...

Man’s Free Will and God’s Eternal Will

“Even though God wants man to be fully submissive to Him, He also gave man a free will. God’s intention is that man’s free will would choose to obey Him. This is a glory to God! In eternity future the free will of man will be joined to God’s eternal will. That will be the time for God’s eternal will to be fulfilled and for man’s free will to become harmonious with God’s eternal will.”

The Big Question: What’s the Meaning of Life?

As the school year is about to begin, we at Bibles for America have a heart that students on today’s college campuses would hear the gospel and receive the Lord, thus finding the real meaning and purpose of their human life. To that end, we’ve created this tract specifically to share with college students. If you would like to share this gospel tract with anyone you know who is seeking the true...

The Bountiful and All-Sufficient Supply of the Spirit

“When we are weak, let us go to the Lord, saying, ‘I praise You, Lord, that in this situation I am weak.’ By contacting Him, we will see what a wonderful Spirit He is, dwelling within us to be the bountiful and all-sufficient supply.”

The Indispensable Requirement

1 Corinthians 2:9—“But as it is written, ‘Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard and which have not come up in man’s heart; things which God has prepared for those who love Him.’” Note 3 on love Him says: “To realize and participate in the deep and hidden things God has ordained and prepared for us requires us not only to believe in Him but also to love Him. To fear God, to worship...

The Human Spirit: The Residence of the Holy Spirit

When we believed in Jesus Christ, a number of marvelous things happened to us. Among them, we were born again, and Christ came to live in us. We may be familiar with verses in the Bible telling us Christ lives in us. But where exactly does He live within us, and why is it important for us to know? Say you have a friend you correspond with by email, but you’ve never met each other in person. All...

The Inflow and Outflow of Life

“The Gospel of John speaks especially of life; it also speaks emphatically of belief and love. To believe is to take in life, while to love is to flow out life. If we want to receive life, we must believe. If we want to live out life, we must love. Only belief can allow life to enter in, and only love can allow life to flow out.”

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