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You Can Know God

Have you ever thought, “There’s probably a God. But how can I know Him?” The longing to know God is a common thread running throughout human history. The Bible tells us God wants us to know Him, even in a personal way. It recounts the story of a man named Paul, who around the year 50 A.D. came to Athens, the leading city of ancient Greece renowned for its culture and philosophy. The city was...

How Can We Maintain the Joy of Our Salvation? [with video]

When we first believe in Christ, receiving Him as our Savior, we experience great joy. But sometimes, over the course of our Christian life, that joy begins to fade. We wonder what happened, and if we’ll ever get that joy back. How can we maintain the joy of our salvation? Find out in this video, based on chapter 2 of Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vol. 1, which you can read for free here...

Will God Keep Forgiving Me?

Christians know they aren’t immune to sin. But what happens when we commit the same sins over and over? Isn’t this disappointing to God? Will He become angry and, eventually, refuse to forgive us? How long does it take before that happens? As believers in Christ, we need to be clear concerning sin, forgiveness, and God’s heart toward us. When we don’t know or we forget what the Bible says...

The Bible as Our Spiritual Food

Have you ever heard that the Bible is meant to be food to Christians? Yet many of us frequently experience feeling spiritually dry, thirsty, hungry, and even empty deep inside. We can even experience this feeling right after we’ve finished reading or studying the Bible. Why is that?

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