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What Does It Mean to Be Spiritual?

What comes to mind when we think of what it means to be a spiritual person? We may picture someone who’s a deep thinker, who doesn’t care for material things, or who speaks in a mystical way. Perhaps we picture someone who’s involved in humanitarian works. Maybe we picture someone who leaves society to live a holy life of prayer and service to God, or who reads the Bible often, or who exhibits...

The Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ

As Christians, we know from verses like Hebrews 9:12 that by the shedding of His own blood, Jesus Christ accomplished redemption for us. By believing in His redemption, we are saved. All our sins are forgiven because Jesus shed His blood for us. But what about after we’re saved? How is the blood of Jesus applicable to us in our Christian life? These questions are tremendously important for our...

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