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The Difference between Sin and Sins and God’s Provision for Both

Since believing in the Lord Jesus and receiving His life, have you tried very hard to live a sinless life, only to be disappointed? The harder you try, the less you succeed. Perhaps you’ve even doubted your salvation altogether, or thought you lost it. Rest assured: once you’re saved, you’re saved eternally. Yet a question may still loom in your mind, “If I’m a Christian, why can’t I stop sinning...

Quote of the Week: The Glorious Church

“When we believe in Him, we receive His life. We all become God’s sons, and as such, we all belong to God. Because we have this life within us, as men we can be entrusted by God to fulfill His purpose.”

Three Greek Words for Life in the New Testament and How They Apply to Us

What does the New Testament mean when it says “life”? For instance, when the Lord Jesus said in John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life and may have it abundantly,” what did He mean? Did He mean He would help us to have a better human life, that He would enrich our life, or improve our life? If we want to know what the New Testament means by “life,” we need to look at the word as it...

What Is the Human Spirit According to the Bible?

As one who has believed in Christ, have you ever wondered, “How can I get to know the Lord Jesus more? How can I know Him in my daily life?” The Lord has provided a wonderful answer. The answer is our human spirit. Our human spirit is the key to experiencing Christ and to living a normal Christian life. When we believed in Christ, we received forgiveness of our sins, and we were delivered from...

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