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Quote of the Week: Jude 20, note 2

Jude 20—“But you, beloved, building up yourselves upon your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit.” Note 2 on faith: “Objective faith, referring to the precious things of the New Testament in which we believe for our salvation in Christ (see note 33). On the foundation of this holy faith, and in the sphere of it, by praying in the Holy Spirit, we build up ourselves. The truth of the faith...

How Come I’m Not As Happy As When I First Got Saved?

We have a wonderful, loving God who wants us to be full of joy in His salvation. Many of us experienced previously unknown joy welling up in our hearts when we were first touched by the love of the Lord Jesus, repented, and confessed His name. God wants us to continue to experience joy in our salvation throughout our Christian lives. As believers it’s normal for us to “exult with joy that is...

Quote of the Week: The Glorious Church

“The work of Christ not only involved the shedding of His blood to redeem us from sins, but also the flowing out of water, typifying the imparting of His life to us. This aspect is apart from sin and redemption. The blood deals with our sins, while the water causes us to receive His life. This is what His wounded side speaks to us.”

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