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Quote of the Week: The Economy of God

“Through the incarnation of the Son, the unapproachable Father is now approachable to man. By this, man can see the Father, touch the Father, and commune with the Father through the Son.”

Quote of the Week: The Normal Christian Life

“The normal Christian life must begin with a very definite ‘knowing,’ which is not just knowing something about the truth nor understanding some important doctrine. It is not an intellectual knowledge at all, but an opening of the eyes of the heart to see what we have in Christ.”

Quote of the Week: Matthew 1:1, note 1

Matthew 1:1—“The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.” Note 1 on Jesus Christ: “The first name and the last name (Rev. 22:21) in the New Testament is Jesus, proving that Jesus Christ is the subject and content of the New Testament. The Bible is a book of life, and this life is a living person, the wonderful and all-inclusive Christ. The Old Testament gives...

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