The Savior Ministering as a Physician

Matthew 9:11-12—“And when the Pharisees saw it, they said to His disciples, Why does your Teacher eat with the tax collectors and sinners? Now when He heard this, He said, Those who are strong have no need of a physician, but those who are ill.”

Note 1 on physician says: “In calling people to follow Him for the kingdom, the King of the heavenly kingdom ministered as a Physician, not as a Judge. A Judge’s judgment is according to righteousness, whereas a physician’s healing is according to mercy and grace.

Those whom He made people of His heavenly kingdom were lepers (8:2-4), paralytics (8:5-13; 9:2-8), the fever-ridden (8:14-15), the demon-possessed (8:16, 28-32), those ill with all kinds of diseases (8:16), despised tax collectors, and sinners (vv. 9-11). If He had visited these pitiful people as a Judge, all would have been condemned and rejected, and none would have been qualified, selected, and called to be the people of His heavenly kingdom. However, He came to minister as a Physician, to heal, recover, enliven, and save them that they might be reconstituted to be His new and heavenly citizens, with whom He could establish His heavenly kingdom on this corrupted earth.”


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8 thoughts on “The Savior Ministering as a Physician

  1. The older I get the more frightened I get by how truly diseased I am. I Thought about the hymn “He Heals Me”; seems different variations on this one. The two I found were very good. I did a cut and paste of vs. 3 from That phrase “healing Balm” changed how I read the passages in Matthew 8. Lord Jesus, thank You for Your constant healing touch.

    He healeth me! I touch for cure
    The border of His garment pure,
    And virtue through my being flows,
    A healing balm for nature’s woes.

    He healeth me, He healeth me!
    By power divine He healeth me;
    He healed the sick in Galilee,
    And now by faith He healeth me!

  2. I really never thought of Jesus in terms of a physician although he healed, but more as a teacher and as an example
    This she’d new light on how great he is to me.

  3. Over the years I’ve seen and understood this in bits and pieces. But until now, I never saw the whole picture together. It’s no wonder the Lord used words like healing, physician, sick, made whole, the body and so many more so often.

    Thank you brothers and sisters at BFA for showing me such a clear word.

    Thank you Lord for the washing of Your word. Your washing is allowing me to see through the darkened window more clearly and more light. Little by little, the reflection in the mirror is looking more like You.

    Glory glory to the Father
    Glory glory to the Son
    Glory glory to the Spirit
    Glory to the Three in One.

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