The Rising Up of Faith

“The more we look at ourselves and examine ourselves, the faster our faith disappears. Faith is not our invention; it can never be initiated by us. It is impossible for us to generate faith. If you look at yourself, you will never find faith, but if you forget about yourself and say, ‘O Lord Jesus, I love You,’ faith will immediately rise up within you.”


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2 thoughts on “The Rising Up of Faith

  1. It took me a long time to realize that there was that our Lord Jesus Christ was leading me on a destination that I needed to be on and actually speaking to me and I was just not hearing him. God is so good!! At the end of May I’d had to have surgery on my spine, in the neck and it really had me down with all the things I could not do. Well my birthday cake up on the 16th of June and as we were talking about my surgery and how it had me down it hit me I had not asked our Lord to help heal my body and for being so selfish about myself and forgetting about HIM and only praying to HIM at meals. Our Lord Jesus Christ is SO good he started healing my body and I was able to get out and start working in my garden and yard. It proves that it only takes one to say “Of Lord Jesus, I love you” ..
    Get out of ‘yourself’ and talk to our Lord Jesus Christ and just let HIM know you ‘love HIM’

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