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10 thoughts on “The Love and Grace of God

  1. How wonderful to know that God’s love toward us is steadfast, permanent, unbreakable; it is not conditional or temporary! I love the verse Jeremiah 31:3, which tells us that God draws us to Himself with His lovingkindness. God’s heart is full of love toward us.

  2. Just imagine if His love was based on our “good works” we would be in big trouble. I love His mercy and I love His L.O.V.E. 😇 God is awesome!

  3. Blessings in His Eternal love… God’s Perfect Plan embraces His revelation of His Eternal Love ( Jer 33; 11 ) ( Psalm 136 ) ..His Eternal Love is always tied to His Eternal Mercy which is according to His own word Everlasting ….From the Grave at the great white throne judgement all will be judged but not one of the 167 billion souls that have lived will every be burned and tortured forever according to Catholic doctrine that is embraced by Christianity today ….Watchman Nee was well aware of this ….He is a good model brother to quote repeatedly

  4. It’s beyond wonderful and amazing that The Lord’s Love has been reaching mankind through His Holy Spirit for over 2,000 years. Througout the ages when a person believed and recieved his forgiveness and grace, their lives were never the same. Yet from the pages of history we can see that many misconceptions abounded as mankind attempted to lay hold of the mystery hid from ages. Praise The Lord that all those who truly experienced The Love, Forgiveness and Grace of God in their human spirit walked out their New Life in Christ to a degree. I marvel that as a result of true believers planting themselves in China the flow of The Divine Life reach so many in China and the result was further revelation of the Truth of God’s Purpose for bestowing His Life into mankind for His expression on the Earth. The Church of Christ is Glorious and we are part of it. He is building His Church and the Gates of hell will not prevail against it. To see how The Lord is revealing His full Truth to all those who seek first His Kingdom is truly a Joy. His Mercy, Love & Grace truly are Forever and to be a part of the members of His Body, The Church, is a great Joy. Thank you BFA for faithfully and diligently sharing the Truth of The Gospel and God’s Great Plan for His Expression on The Earth. What a Great Blessing!!!

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