Seeing the Treasure Hidden in Our Heart

“All the worry and fret of God’s children would end if their eyes were opened to see the greatness of the treasure hid in their hearts. Do you know, there are resources enough in your own heart to meet the demand of every circumstance in which you will ever find yourself? Do you know there is power enough there to move the city in which you live? Do you know there is power enough to shake the universe? Let me tell you once more—I say it with the utmost reverence: You who have been born again of the Spirit of God—you carry God in your heart!”


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26 thoughts on “Seeing the Treasure Hidden in Our Heart

  1. Thank you Jesus!! He knew that I needed this confirmation from Biblesforamerica! I have been praying for a answer. Thank you and please pray for my financial deliverance!!!

  2. I really needed to hear today’s message. I felt the message had a lot to do with trust also, trust that God can do for me what I cannot do for myself. I need God in my heart!

  3. Thank you for reminding us that our very own hearts carry all the treasures we will ever need. The holidays causes us to lose focus sometimes. Holidays are the enemies favorite times to distract us. Jesus in my heart, mouth and meditation is worth more than gold.

  4. True, God lives in me, Christ in me, the Hope of Glory. I know though, it is always at odds with the “old man” who wants to kick and scream.

  5. Thank you Lord for reminding me who am I in Christ, holy spirit help me to not doubt the strength from I have from God,help me holy spirit to use that strength to fullfill God’s purpose about me,with all the scripture we received (as your children )from bibles for America, let it fullfill our destiny.Lord I pray in Jesus name Amen!

  6. Although i fall short everyday in service to God i know he loves me and forgives me tjank you father in Jesus name amen

  7. As i say Goodmorring, to everyone, i realized that everytime i read a part of the Bible, theres so much Beautiful words, if feels so wounderful that i have the holy spirit in my heart, and each day that i wakeup, i feel closer to God,

  8. What a wonderful truth. May my spirit obtain the knowing of this truth. I understand in part but I want to KNOW this in my heart and live it in my life. This is such an encouragement. My God and your God is living in our heart.

  9. Thank you, for reminding me of the TRUTH!
    He Is God! And, I Am, His, very own…”Child” !

    That, God the Father, loves me, with the exact same love, that He has for His Son, Jesus, And, that Jesus, loves me, with the exact same love, that He has for His Father! They BOTH, LOVE
    *and, as they are GOD, any fear I ever have, comes form me,
    or Satan, and I may lay it to rest, as my God, is always, in total
    control of every situation that ever occurs. Faith in Him, is what’s always required, and that comes through reading the Word of God, carefully and prayerfully.

    I, only do it, out loud, and (very) slowly, word by word. I’ve completed the entire Bible 38 x’s in the past 20 years. I simply drink alot of coffee, sit in a comfortable chair, with a bright light on, buy nice new bibles, that I really enjoy using, and keep on pushing myself, to go on, for another 45 minute block of time. You Must Realize, that after you have firmly disciplined yourself, to proceed to read entirely, through the Bible for the 2nd or third time, you’ve by then, come to the place where everything that you continue to read from that point on wards is easily understandable You no longer need to get bogged trying to figure how people are or odd situations out any any longer, and are now completely free to spend all of your reading time simply gliding along and immersing your heart, mid and soul much deeper into the spiritual truths, understandings and contemplation’s of what lies beyond the surface, and to fully comprehend what the surface actually means in its own subtleties.

    Every time that you re-read the Scripture it becomes far more personal to you, you feel that you “own it more” it becomes a greater part of your actual internal person and being, and you will love and cherish it, far more, than you did, just the year before.

    There’s no other accomplishment in this life, such as becoming an ongoing reader, of the Mind, and the Word’s of God.

    I got the idea to do this, from the back cover of a book called “Halley’s Bible Reference”, on its rear cover, it showed the picture of its author, a very old man, Mr. Halley; he was smiling so proudly into the camera. It said that he’d made it his life’s ambition to read through the entire, Holy Bible, 100 x’s!

    I thought to myself? What a wonderful, and so very Wise! and Godly thing to do in one’s lifetime! I thought that I should do that myself! I really envied that man! All of the deep understanding which he must posses! And, it does, state in Roman’s: “…that faith comes by hearing the Word of God.”

    One that day…I said to myself. I’m 34 years old, already! I’d better start, right away! If I, will ever, be able, to do that! in my own, lifetime! I am trying to! God Bless You, All! NOTE: I find a Tremendous Difference If You Read Out Loud…even if, very softly, like a whisper, versus, silently, In The Amount And Level Of Retention And Comprehension and Reverence To The LORD!!! I am very educated, and highly intelligent and am a heavy reader to begin with.

  10. All of God people have something in their lives that they can share with anyone, everyone that God gives us the opportunity to meet and talk with only if we would do this for God and not for ourselves. We must allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in the right direction and allow God to speak through us.

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