Looking Away unto Jesus

Hebrews 12:2—“Looking away unto Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down on the right hand of the throne of God.”

Note 2 on Jesus says: “The wonderful Jesus, who is enthroned in heaven and crowned with glory and honor (2:9), is the greatest attraction in the universe. He is like an immense magnet, drawing all His seekers to Him. It is by being attracted by His charming beauty that we look away from all things other than Him. Without such a charming object, how could we look away from so many distracting things on this earth?”


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10 thoughts on “Looking Away unto Jesus

  1. May the Lord magnetize and attract us fully, drawing our gaze to Himself all the time from all the other distracting things!

  2. I was very dead in my sins, but not only just sin that was killing me, I had problems with the law and even after serving time, and getting released I would still go back to jail for not having enough money to pay the law requirements, God set me up and Jesus made away for me to be restored to him, for a quick glance into what happened I got out of parish prison and went to my biological dad and he gave me money, but no place to live, which I have to be honest it was more than I deserved and more than enough to enable me in my stupidity and sin. I stayed at an cheap hotel but that was close to three hundred a week or more, and after drinking and trying to do drugs but getting stolen from, I went to a local hospital, lying and using the procedural rules, saying I wanted to kill myself, so there the doctors tried to fix me, but these people didn’t have want it took and sadly the wasn’t the King’ s men, so upon discharge I tried to go to a different place other than the new orleans mission, but I ended up there at the mission, and met the King’ s men, the welcomed me through the doors and sat me down in love, sharing of the goodness, and that day I found out of the discipleship program and the love of God engulfed me and Jesus showed me, what love truly means and how it is so vastly important to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. I have saw the impossible and know the worsen news ever, but the love of God, is the only thing that counts and Jesus is the only way to pursue the truth, oh God and Jesus made away for me, yes , I have a house and am ok with the law requirements but, that is just a byproduct from know just a glismps at how great is our God and Jesus and I know who I am, I have an identity in Christ, and God has a plan, knowing this world is all wrong and the bible is true and correct and the only way to live is that magnets that keeps me moving, no matter hear evil happenings to me, may the love of God consume you like fire, fire and power, Holy Spirit , your welcome here!


    It has been a source of enjoyment and encouragement to me for many years, and it has also been my prayer for a long time. Lord Jesus, draw me! Magnetize me! Draw me with Your beauty! I just want to look away from anything and anyone else unto You! Amen!

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