Holiness and Light

“In God there is the capability of holiness and the function of light. Because the life of God is in us, the same capability of holiness and function of light are in us as in God. Just as God can live out His holiness and shine forth His light from Himself, so also we, because of the life of God within us, can live out His holiness and shine forth His light from us, which means we can be holy as God is holy and shining as God is shining.”


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9 thoughts on “Holiness and Light

  1. I truly believe that God and Lucifer both dwell inside us it’s free will that allows us to choose which one we let shine from our hearts .

  2. Iam 61 years old and life has delt me a number of challanges. God has been with me in every challange and he has shown me grace beyond what I could imagine . it’s so easy to get lost in the material gains of this earth. when he calls us we will only bring our hearts. love eachother and seek out the lord and be ready at every turn to meet the all mighty. he is awsome and loves you beyond understanding. Stay close to him. I love you and pray you will join Jesus and god in eternity

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