How I Enjoy Singing to the Lord

A BfA staff member shares his experience of singing to the Lord.

In my everyday Christian life I really enjoy praying to the Lord, calling on His name, and speaking about Him to others. All these things give me a way to contact the Lord Jesus throughout my day and enjoy His presence. But one of my favorite ways to touch the Lord is by singing to Him with my spirit. The apostle Paul wrote about singing in 1 Corinthians 14:15:

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Praying God’s Word—An Unexpected Experience

A BfA staff member talks about his experience of praying with the Word of God.

In Ephesians 6, the apostle Paul tells us to receive the Word of God “by means of all prayer” (vv. 17-18).

There are certainly many ways to understand and practice this charge, and probably all are profitable. If the content of our prayer mirrors the content of God’s speaking to us in His Word, we’re probably on the right track.

I once read a book that used an illustration likening the words in the Bible to a tree with limbs full of fruit, and that by prayer, we can shake a limb until some fruit comes down for us to eat.
I read the Bible regularly, chapter by chapter, but I decided to experiment and add a little bit of “pray-reading” to my daily Bible reading.

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How Knowing My Human Spirit Affected My Christian Life


We hope you enjoy this BfA staff member’s testimony about discovering her human spirit and how it affected her.

The blog post “A Life-Changing Discovery: My Spirit” really touched me because what it talked about is exactly what I have experienced. Since I began to see in the Bible that I have a human spirit, and then to actually experience the Lord who lives there, my life has never been the same.

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Using Digital Tools to Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ

A BfA staff member talks about his experience of sharing the gospel.

I like to get to know new people, hear their stories, and take every opportunity to share my enjoyment of the Lord Jesus with them. Air travel often presents excellent opportunities for me to talk to people about Christ.

Recently, I had such an opportunity. While flying over the Pacific, I felt the Lord’s urging to speak something of the gospel to my seatmate. As the hours went by, I felt more and more convicted that I just needed to say something to him.

But what could I tell him? Eventually, I asked, “Have you ever heard of the three parts of man?”

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Where Is God’s Home?

A BfA staff member talks about her experience of God making home in her heart.

I’m in the midst of preparing to make my first interstate move, and I don’t have somewhere to move into yet. An impending move-out deadline, coupled with trying to find a new place to live in a busy city, really got me thinking about the idea of home. What is it that makes a place a home?

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Helping Someone Discover the Mystery of Their Human Life

A BfA staff member talks about her experience of sharing the gospel:
As I settled into my seat and observed the plane rapidly filling up, I knew I was in for an uncomfortable flight. My seatmate hadn’t arrived, so I still had some hope that I’d be left in peace to endure the next three hours. Just when it seemed I might end up with three seats to stretch out on, a young man slid into the adjacent seat. He told me his name was Justin, and he apologized in advance, saying that he talks nervously when he travels on planes.

He went on to tell me he was a former Marine with several overseas tours under his belt. I learned about his current living situation, what he studies in school, some of his family situation, and his views on life after the military. He also explained that he suffers from anxiety because of his experience overseas.

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