New Video: Is Jesus in Your “Boat”?

Bibles for America has just released a new gospel video, “Is Jesus in Your ‘Boat’?” The video presents the gospel based on the biblical account of Jesus walking on the water to meet His disciples in the midst of a stormy sea in John 6:16-21. It points to our common human experience of troubles, anxieties, and fears, and our great need to invite Jesus into our life.

We hope this video would provide a way to share the Lord Jesus with your friends, relatives, and others the Lord has put on your heart. We encourage you to take some time to watch it and consider sharing it by email or social media so others can hear the good news of Jesus Christ and be saved!

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Lost and Found


How did I get here? The young man took a long look at his life. He was penniless, homeless, filthy, and starving. You would never know that he had once lived under the loving care of his wealthy father.

But he had left home, cut off his relationship with his father, squandered his inheritance on a life of sin, and ended up in this pitiful state. He finally came to his senses, and a deep feeling welled up in him: I need to go back to my father. But he was so ashamed. After all he had done, he wondered whether his father would even want him as a son anymore. In desperation, he decided he would return home and ask to be a servant.

He was unaware of the depth of his father’s love. Little did he know that his father had been longing for him, waiting and watching for the day he would return. As the young man made his way home, his father spotted him, even when he was still a long way off, and ran to him, embraced him, and kissed him affectionately.

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What Kind of Person Can Be Saved?


We sometimes receive questions from our readers, and while we can’t always answer each one, we thought our response to one reader’s inquiry on what kind of person can be saved might be helpful to many others. Below is our response, still in letter form.

Dear Reader,

Thank you for the question you sent in response to the post “How Can I Be Sure I’m Really Saved?” on our blog. You were concerned that you were not the kind of person that could be saved.

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No Longer Enemies


Have you ever thought, “Why do I experience so much unrest? Why do I feel as if I’m not at peace with myself?”

Although you try different ways to find a solution, the inner peace you yearn for seems unattainable. We’ve all felt this disquiet within, regardless of our background, education, or social status. Why is that? The source of this feeling is rooted in a fundamental problem—we’re not at peace with God. And when we’re not at peace with God, it’s impossible for us to be at peace with ourselves.

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The Third Part


Have you ever felt unsatisfied, let down, even inexplicably empty, after you got what you thought would make you happy?

You’re not alone. This perplexing feeling has been known to strike the most accomplished and wealthy people as well as the less accomplished and less wealthy. In fact, King Solomon had it all—a kingdom, untold wealth, and profound wisdom and knowledge—yet after pondering his life, he said that there was nothing new under the sun, and that everything was vanity.

It’s as if something compels us to find the elusive missing piece that would bring lasting satisfaction. We may pursue a successful career, meaningful relationships, material possessions, or fun and entertainment. But nothing cures that mysterious empty feeling way down inside. Why do we feel this way?

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The Urgent Need for Prayer and the Preaching of the Gospel


It seems daily we’re assailed by harrowing reports of conflict, hatred, and violence between people, both here domestically and abroad. These events are heartbreaking, disturbing, unsettling.

The hatred and violence between people is proof of the fallen condition of humanity. If nothing else convinces us that we human beings are deeply sinful and need a Savior, these traumatic events should.

The well-meaning efforts of people to bring peace to this extremely troubled world can only go so far. As believers in Christ, what should our reaction be?

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The Healing Touch


As Jesus made his way through the throngs of people surrounding him, he suddenly stopped and asked, “Who touched Me?”

It seemed obvious to His disciples, so they answered that it was the crowds pressing upon Him. But Jesus insisted, “Someone touched Me.” He knew a particular someone had touched Him, because at that moment, divine power had gone out of Him.

A woman stepped out of the crowd and confessed to Jesus that it was she who had deliberately touched Him, and something wonderful had happened to her.

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3 Major Steps in God’s Plan of Salvation after the Fall of Man


We discussed previously how we were created by God for His own purpose and plan but became fallen, sinful, and unable to live in a way that fulfills God’s plan. The consequences of the fall of mankind are tragic, and we see the effect both in our own lives and everywhere we look today.

But God can never be defeated! And though frustrated, God’s plan cannot be derailed. In His wisdom, God took three tremendous steps to carry out His original plan of imparting His eternal life into us so we could share His life and express Him.

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The Big Question


A professor at a world-renowned American university regularly inquired at the beginning of his course, “If you could ask God one question, what would it be?” Students routinely answered that they’d ask for money or material things. But on one occasion a student responded, “I’d ask God, What’s the purpose of my life?” This was right after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the U.S.

In the wake of cataclysmic events such as 9/11, horrific campus violence, huge earthquakes, killer hurricanes, devastating tsunamis, and unprecedented economic collapse, questions about life that lie deep down in us make their way to the surface.

Eventually the trauma subsides, and life, as it must, goes on. We’re occupied with the usual college pursuits of studies, sports, a busy social life, and a plethora of campus activities. But in moments of quiet reflection, if we’re honest with ourselves, the big question haunts us—What is the meaning of my life?

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An Unknown God


Athens, around A.D. 50—leading city of ancient Greece and center of one of the greatest cultures the world has ever known. Yet in this city famous for learning and philosophy stood an altar bearing the inscription, “TO AN UNKNOWN GOD.”

Within every human being persists a desire to worship something. But without knowing what we are to worship, we may worship the wrong object, construct an object to worship, or like the Athenians, simply conclude that we worship someone, even though we don’t know who it is we worship.

One day Paul, a man sent by God to speak the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, came to Athens. He spoke to the Athenians to tell them that God is a knowable God.

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