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7 Wonderful Aspects of the Church in Ephesians

The church is a profound and deeply significant matter in the Bible. In our post “What Is the Church according to the Bible,” we began to look into the church as it’s revealed in the Scriptures. In this post, we’ll continue to discuss the matter of the church by getting into some verses in Ephesians, a book unique in its rich revelation of what the church is in God’s eyes. We’ll look at seven...

What Is the Church according to the Bible?

People, even Christians, have many concepts about what the church is. But what is the church exactly? Is the church a building Christians go to on Sundays to worship? Is the church an organization of people who believe in Jesus Christ? To discover what God’s thought is concerning the church, we must come to the Bible. While we can’t cover this enormous matter in a single blog post, we’ll begin to...

What Does God Want?

When we believed in Jesus Christ, we were forgiven by God and delivered from eternal judgment. Not only so, we were also born again, regenerated with the life of God in our spirit. We thank the Lord for these wonderful realities! What tremendous mercy God had on us! But let’s take a moment to ask, Why? Why did God save us? Why did He regenerate us? Going back even further, why did God create us...

What Is God’s Will?

Many of us have asked God at least once, “What is Your will for my life?” Maybe we wanted to know God’s will for what we should study, what kind of job we should have, or whom we should marry. Human nature being what it is, most of us are highly interested in our own affairs. After all, from our perspective, God doesn’t need or want anything for Himself. He’s all-powerful and divine! But have we...

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