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Looking unto Jesus to Transcend Our Circumstances

“When you cannot endure a difficult situation and the suppression is beyond your strength, turn to your spirit and look unto Jesus. You will rise far above it, transcendent and victorious. Everything will be under your feet.”

Taking the Way of Life

“We have said again and again that God’s intention in saving us is not for us to be evil men or good men, but to be life-men or God-men. Therefore, after we are saved, we should not merely attain to the standard of morality in our behavior and live out the goodness of man, but we should reach the standard of life in our living and live out the life of God. Hence, the way we should take today is...

Tasting the Lord in the Word

“The Word is not only for us to study or learn, but even more for us to taste. The way the Lord nourishes His Body is by His Word. If we desire to enjoy the Lord and be nourished by the Lord, we must come to the Word and taste the Lord.”

All Negative Things Solved by Christ’s Death

“All negative things have been solved by His all-inclusive death on the cross. We do not need to do anything except believe in what the Lord has accomplished. He has dealt with and solved all of our problems. He has left no room for our doing or work. So, there is no need of our work, only faith in His finished completed, and all-inclusive redemptive work.”

Light and Life

“From both the words of God and our own experience, we see that light is especially related to life. We may say that it is due to our being enlightened that we receive life. And the measure of life we receive corresponds exactly with the measure of our enlightenment. Only the shining of light can bring forth life, and only the shining of light can increase life.”

The Love and Grace of God

“God’s love and grace toward us are not conditional or temporary. It was not love from our side that saved us, but love from His (1 John 4:10). He loved us with an eternal love (Jer. 31:3).”

Holiness and Light

“In God there is the capability of holiness and the function of light. Because the life of God is in us, the same capability of holiness and function of light are in us as in God. Just as God can live out His holiness and shine forth His light from Himself, so also we, because of the life of God within us, can live out His holiness and shine forth His light from us, which means we can be holy as...

The Resurrected Christ Can Meet the Need

“Apply the resurrected Christ, the unlimited, inexhaustible One. Tell Him, ‘Lord, I cannot meet the need, I cannot face the situation, but how I praise You, You can. I go ahead trusting wholly in You, counting wholly upon You.’”

Living a Life of Peace

“Love issues in peace. First we believe in the Lord Jesus, having faith in Him. Then we are forgiven of all our sins, and this brings in love for the Lord. As we love Him, this love issues in peace. We, then, may walk in peace. To walk in peace means to live in peace, to have a life of peace. When we walk in peace, we have our being in peace and live a peaceful life.”

The Meaning of Regeneration

“Originally we were born of our parents; but now we are born once more, this time of God; hence, this experience is called being born again. Being born of our parents caused us to obtain human life, whereas being born of God causes us to have God’s life. Therefore, we who have been regenerated have God’s life in addition to the human life.”

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