Light and Life

“From both the words of God and our own experience, we see that light is especially related to life. We may say that it is due to our being enlightened that we receive life. And the measure of life we receive corresponds exactly with the measure of our enlightenment. Only the shining of light can bring forth life, and only the shining of light can increase life.”

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The Tree of Life

“The ‘tree of life’ is God Himself, for God is life. He is the highest form of life, and he is also the source and goal of life. And the fruit: what is that? It is our Lord Jesus Christ. You cannot eat the tree but you can eat the fruit. No one is able to receive God as God, but we can receive the Lord Jesus. The fruit is the edible part, the receivable part of the tree. So—may I say it reverently?—the Lord Jesus is really God in a receivable form. God in Christ we can receive.”

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Quote of the Week: The Economy of God

“We must be very clear that today the Triune God has completed everything—the creation, the incarnation and the life and sufferings on earth; He has gone into death and passed through death; He has resurrected, ascended into heaven, and has been enthroned. Everything has been attained by the wonderful Triune God, and all these realities are in the Holy Spirit, who has come into us.”

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The Cleansing Blood of Jesus

“‘The blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from every sin.’ It is not exactly ‘all sin’ in the general sense, but every sin, every item. What does it mean? Oh, it is a marvelous thing! God is in the light, and as we walk in the light with him everything is exposed and open to that light, so that God can see it all—and yet the Blood is able to cleanse from every sin. What a cleansing!”