Tasting the Lord in the Word

“The Word is not only for us to study or learn, but even more for us to taste. The way the Lord nourishes His Body is by His Word. If we desire to enjoy the Lord and be nourished by the Lord, we must come to the Word and taste the Lord.”


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19 thoughts on “Tasting the Lord in the Word

  1. I am new to the bible and learning about Christ i am very grateful for the bible and the books from this site thank you

  2. Are you in darkness today? Praise the Lord! We can see Him in the Word. He is the pillar of fire which leads us and fire represents the Word.

  3. Thank you so much for this post. It is a very good reminder to all of us. May God bless you and keep you all safe and healthy. Amen

  4. I STARTED LEARNING BIBLE IN DEEPLY, 3 YEARS AGO, I AM CHRISTIAN. But iwanto to learning bible, more then now,,because I need the meaning of the Bible and what did God said to us,,

  5. Thank You for sharing this wonderful Truth. The Word is really food for our Life in Christ. When we lack His Words of Life in our life we are unhealthy and vulnerable to the diseases of the world. Though my husband and I love our children and grandchildren with all our heart, we know we could have fed our kids a stronger, healthier dose of God’s Word to help them be innoculated from the confusing messages and attraction in the world. We know God is faithful and the seed of life in their hearts will eventually prevail but it is a serious matter to be nourished in His Word…Thank You so much for your efforts to feed the Flock!

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