A Daily and Living Experience of Christ

“As people who have been born of God and have Christ living within them, all Christians must be brought by the Lord’s mercy to the point where they are no longer wholly caught up in studying about Christ, doing something for Christ, or even serving Christ, but rather are in the reality of touching and experiencing Him in a living way day by day.”


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7 thoughts on “A Daily and Living Experience of Christ

  1. This is awesome! How refreshing and enjoyable to wake up in the morning to a “much more” Christ living in me. I want my days to be filled with this “much more” salvation.

  2. It was quite a few years of being a Christian before I began to seek daily a “much more” experience of Jesus Christ as the daily savior. To have our attention on Him as a living person is a life that will give us all that Christ accomplished both in His living and His ressurection and Lordship!

  3. Thank you for words of life, and reminders of what it mean to walk as a Christ follower. “Much more,” entering into the fullness and reality of a life wholly centered on Christ. I am enjoying the journey!

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