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ArchiveSeptember 2015

What You Have in Common with a Mirror and How It Affects Your Christian Life

Why do we act like the people we’re around? To some extent, we realize this happens. We spend a lot of time with a certain friend and suddenly people are commenting on our similar mannerisms, speech, reactions, etc. Even our tastes and preferences may drift together. The reason this happens is simple: we’re mirrors. A mirror is made to reflect whatever it’s facing. As long as the mirror isn’t...

What Do I Do When I Sin after Being Saved?

When we first repented to God and received Jesus Christ as our Savior, we were forgiven of all our sins. What peace flooded our hearts! And God’s Word assures us that our salvation is for all eternity and can never be undone. But although we’re saved, we know from our personal experience we’re not immune to sin. We still sin after salvation, despite our good intentions and efforts to avoid...

3 Major Steps in God’s Plan of Salvation after the Fall of Man

We discussed previously how we were created by God for His own purpose and plan but became fallen, sinful, and unable to live in a way that fulfills God’s plan. The consequences of the fall of mankind are tragic, and we see the effect both in our own lives and everywhere we look today. But God can never be defeated! And though frustrated, God’s plan cannot be derailed. In His wisdom, God took...

What Is the Heart in the Bible?

As human beings we, of course, have a physical heart. But we’re all aware that we also have something within us we recognize as an intangible heart. But what exactly is this intangible heart? We’ve heard the word heart used since we were young, in everyday language, in literature, in music, and in other contexts. And most of us probably have a general definition of the heart, thinking of it as...

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